Pet Boarding & Grooming Services

As much as we'd like to take our pets wherever we go, sometimes that just isn't possible. When you can't take your pet with you, Edmonds Veterinary Hospital offers safe, comfortable boarding for our pet patients 365 days a year.


Our boarding facilities are climate controlled, and pet are continually monitored by our staff; should problems develop, our veterinarians are alerted immediately. Pets with special medical needs, including seniors, are welcome to stay with us, and we make sure they receive all necessary medications while in our care.

Boarding Form

"Spaw" Days at Edmonds Veterinary Hospital

Does your pet deserve a nice shampoo or expert nail trimming? Are your pet's ears in need of a professional cleaning? Every day at Edmonds Veterinary Hospital is "Spaw Day," where you can make an appointment to bring your pet in for the grooming services of your choice.

To schedule your pet for grooming at our hospital, please contact us to set up an appointment.